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S.K.Y. The Trusted Notary Public
Service in Cambodia.
A Notary Public is a public officer who is specialized in every area of law including family, succession, real estate, property management, company law, etc.

An instrument drawn up by a Notary Public is a guarantee of its legality and authenticity because the Notary Public is vested with prerogatives of official authority which he/she receives from the Royal Government.

As such, the Notary Public is an amicable judge and dispensers of out-of-court justice and acts as unbiased official witness, to the identity of the person who signs a document. The legal instruments done by Notary Public have strong legal value and some of which have the legal status as a final judgment.

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our team will help make your projects succeed and advise you while guaranteeing respect for international, national laws and regulations, as well as ensure absolute confidentiality of your matter.

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creativity, empathy, perseverance and especially pragmatism in order to successfully manage the cases entrusted to our office. Our office endeavors to provide you a personalized approach as well as legal accuracy to ensure your case is treated with the greatest possible precision and within the stipulated timeframes.

S.K.Y Notary Public of the Kingdom of Cambodia has been empowered as follows:

Preparing all types of contracts or legal documents required by natural person or all types of legal entity.

Certifying the validity of the establishment of or amendment to the Memorandum and Articles of Associations of companies and all types of legal entity.

Accepting the filing and maintaining of original contracts, unilateral acts, testaments and all types of documents.

Certifying signatures and date of legal documents or all contracts.

Requesting execution organs to enforce compulsory execution of legal documents or contracts authenticated by Notary Public.

Providing advice on commercial, investment and family, and management of property matters.

Authenticating all types of legal documents, contracts or translated documents required by laws or upon the request of natural person or all types of legal entity.

Certifying as a true copy, copies of any original legal documents or contracts required by laws or upon the request of natural person or all types of legal entity.

Requesting the registration or inscription to competent institutions.

Duplicates of authentic deeds; and performing other works authorized by laws and regulations in force.

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